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Benito Mussolini Execution

This is a video of Benito Mussolini being executed. He was executed on the 29th April 1945. He was executed with his mistress Clara Petacci and another 15 leading Facists.

They were then hung in Milan.

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Benito Mussolini Quotes

  • “The fate of nations is intimately bound up with their powers of reproduction. All nations and all empires first felt decadence gnawing at them when their birth rate fell off.”  —Benito Mussolini on Birth
  • “Blood alone moves the wheels of history.”  —Benito Mussolini on Blood
  • “War alone brings up to their highest tension all human energies and imposes the stamp of nobility upon the peoples who have the courage to make it.”  —Benito Mussolini on Nobility
  • “Blood alone moves the wheels of history.”  —Benito Mussolini on Politics Government
  • “There is a violence that liberates, and a violence that enslaves; there is a violence that is moral and a violence that is immoral.”  —Benito Mussolini on Violence
  • “War alone brings up to their highest tension all human energies and imposes the stamp of nobility upon the peoples who have the courage to make it. •Benito Mussolini In time of war the first casualty is truth. •Boake Carter Only the defeated and deserters go to war. •Henry David Thoreau All diplomacy is a continuation of war by other means.”  —Benito Mussolini on War

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Benito Mussolini Facts

Date of Birth

29 July 1883, Predappio, Romagna, Italy

Date of Death

28 April 1945, Giulino di Mezzegra, Lake Como, Italy (execution by gunshot)

Birth Name

Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini


Il Duce


5′ 6½” (1.69 m)

Donna Rachele Guidi (17 December 1915 – 28 April 1945) (his death) 5 children



Imperfectly fluent in English, French, and German, and spoke these languages with a very heavy accent.

Had his son-in-law, Italian diplomat Galeazzo Ciano, executed.

Fascist dictator of Italy, 1922-1943.

Became the youngest Premier in the history of Italy (31 October 1922). His Fascist state would provide a model for Adolf Hitler’s later economic and political policies.

Qualified as an elementary schoolmaster. His mother, Rosa, was a school teacher. (1901)

Coined the term “fascism” from the fasci carried by magistrates in ancient Rome. The fasci were bundles of branches which, when bound together, were stronger than when they were apart — reflecting the intellectual debt that fascism owed to socialism. Mussolini broke with the Socialists over the issue of Italy’s entry into World War I.

His son, Romano, married Sophia Loren’s sister, Anna Maria Scicolone.

In April 1945, just before the Allied armies reached Milan, Mussolini, along with his mistress Clara Petacci, was caught by Italian partisans as he tried to take refuge in Switzerland. Both were summarily executed. Later, their bodies were hung, upside down, in a gas station at Loreto Square in Milan.

One of his sons was Romano Mussolii who became a jazz pianist, despite jazz music being outlawed as “decadent” during his father’s regime.

Is portrayed by George C. Scott in “Mussolini: The Untold Story” (1985), Rod Steiger in Mussolini: Ultimo atto (1974), Antonio Banderas in “Il giovane Mussolini” (1993), Enzo G. Castellari in “The Winds of War” (1983) and Bob Hoskins in Mussolini and I (1985) (TV).

Laid the first stone of Rome’s Cinecittà Studio (29th January 1936).


Personal Quotes

Fascism should more properly be called corporatism, since it is the marriage of government and corporate power.

Keep your heart a desert.

People are like women, they go with the winning man.

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Pasta Ban ?


Did you know? That Filippo Marinetti founder of the futurism party (Which later formed with the Fascism party) wanted Mussolini to ban pasta in Italy as he thought that it made Italians lazy. As you may have already guessed this was not very popular with the Italians.

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